The Hawthorne Trench system is made and designed to follow both historical images and military order books of how to build trenches in WW1. The trench consists of an officers dugout with two beds and a working wood stove and a further two dugouts for NCO’s and storage.

The trench has been thoughtfully curated to depict the difference in conditions between privates and officers and shows the extent of the hardships endured by soldiers. The trench contains both mortor and machine gun positions as well as a newly added railway system to show how the chalk, clay and earth was moved from the underground mines through the trenches.

Alongside Hawthrone Trench there is a German trench with a dugout and machine gun position. Both sets of trenches are around 8ft deep and 4ft wide. The trenches measures approximately 200 metres in length with the British trench and German trench separated by 25 metres of no-mans land made up of barbed wire and shell holes.

The trench is located on a remote working farm in the Elham Valley, 15 minutes from Canterbury and The Channel Tunnel and 1 hour 15 mins from London (via train). Farm stays also available via Air BnB.

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